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Introduction: Village is located seven kilometers from Tarapur railway station.

Industries: Mainly agriculture, which includes cash crops and cotton. Village has 36 small-big shops and five wholesale shops.

Religious places: Swaminarayan Temple for male and female, Khodiyaar Mata Temple and Mahadev Bhagwan Temple.

Mythological belief: It is believed that Sinjhvada was known as ‘Singalpur’ during King Parikshit’s regime. After village got destroyed, cattle owners settled here. Whenever Sahajanand Swami went to Gadhdha from Vadtaal, he used to travel from Sojitara, Gaada, Sinjhvada and Dholka. He used to take halt at Sinjhvada. Many of his belongings like bed, country-made tooth brush and hair are still preserved at Sinjhvada. Lakhs of devotees and saints of Swaminarayan sect visit Sinjhvada to have a glimpse of these valuables.