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Introduction: It is located 13 kilometers from Anand railway station. One can also reach through bus. It is believed that village came into existence in 1272 AD.

Industries: Agriculture is main business of Saarsa which comprises of food-grains, tobacco and cotton. Village has 15 tobacco processing units. It also has timber factory. Saarsa has 47 small and big shops.

Religious places: Karunasagar Sathkeval Temple, Vaijnath Mahadev Temple, Narayandev Mahadev, Swaminarayan Temple, Dwarkadish Temple, Ramdev Pir and Ambamataji Temple.

Mythological beliefs:

(1) Karunasagar Sathkeval Mandir: Shri Karunasagar Maharaj started Keval Sampradaya in 1929 AD. In name of Guruji, a temple was built during 1942 to 1947 AD. Temple has all facilities including hostel that provides scholarship to students. A Paramguru Pathshala has been developed at the campus. Temple has its own library. A big fair is organized at every Janmasthami, which is attended by thousands of people.

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