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Introduction: This village is located half kilometer from Veersad railway station on Vasad-Kathana railway line. In earlier days, it was in Baroda district. It is believed that Patidars from Limdi first settled at the village. Patel Bhailal Gangadas and Solidas Charandas were promiment among Patidar community. Today Patidar community is divided in two groups. Village took active part during freedom struggle in 1930 and 1941.

Industries: Mainly agriculture that include cultivation of food grains and tobacco. Village has four big mango farms and five tobacco processing units. It has nine small-big shops. It has engineering workshop and furniture making unit.

Religious places: Village has Ramji Temple, Shivji Temple, Bhathiji Maharaj Temple, Baliyadev Temple and Totadi Mata Temple. People offer puja for their kins having speech problem. Ranoli also has a Church and two big Dharamshalas’.