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Introduction: Village is located 2 kilometers from Raas railway station. It is elieved that few Patidars from Sojitra setteled here in 1600 AD.

Industries: Mostly agriculture that includes cash crops and tobacco. An Agrilcultural Expo of entire Mumbai Presidency was organized at Ahmedabad in 1928. Kalyan Kashibhai from Sejpur won Gold Medal in competition of Tobacco crop speciality and its products. Local tobacco named Lal Chopadiya is very famous in India and worldwide. Its seeds is famous as Sejpuriya.

Religious places: Ramji Mandir, Mahadev Temple, Kabir Saheb Temple, Ramdev Pir Temple, Swaminarayan Temple and Patel Wadi.

Alpesh Vadilal Patel

ID: 392


Arvindbhai Pasottambhai Patel

ID: 165

98 981 44557

Ashokbhai Mangalbhai Patel

ID: 294


Ashokbhai Motibhai Patel

ID: 360

92 750 27860