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Introduction: This village is located on Bhadran-Nadiad railway line and is after Bhadran railway station. It is belived that Zanzhar Patel community first settled at the village. Myth is that 300 years ago it was located few meters away from Devdungri Mata temple. Later on village shifted near Barotwada and currently, it is located at its current place. Village actively took part in freedom struggle and satyagraha movement. Zarola has also received Gram Sudharna award from state government. Bus service is available from Anand, Borsad, Ghuvaran and nearby villages.

Industries: Mostly agriculture, food-grains and tobacco. Village has three tobacco processing factories.

Religious places: Village pond has three temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Rameshwar Mahadev Temple, Morlidhar Mahadev Temple, Saraswala Kuberdas Maharaj Panth Temple, Jogania Mata Temple, Verai Mata Temple, Khodiyaar Mata, Mundhari Mata and Devdungri Mata Temple are located in the village. Three other small temples and Sanatan Dharma Ashram are also at Zarola. Huge fair is organized in the village during Janmasthami and Sethla-Satam.

Mythological beliefs:  

(1)  Mudari Mata: It is believed that a Brahmin family from Zarola village worshipped Kali Mata. Pleased with his worship, Goddess gave Brahmin a shloka and said that whenever he will recite shloka, a flower ball will land on his lap. Brahmin used to offer flower ball to Goddess. While touring his kingdom, Badshah learnt about the miracle and he decided to experience it with his eyes. Next day Badshah saw flower ball landing on Brahmin’s lap and decided to built a temple at the spot. He ordered his troop that everyone will place one brick and will built the temple. Badshah’s nephew refused to lay brick and enraged king slit his nephews’s throat. He placed his head in place of brick. Real problem came in the evening as Badshah always had his dinner with nephew. Moved by this, Brahmin prayed before Goddess and pleased with prayers, Kali Mata made nephew alive. Mund means Head in Hindi and so temple was named as Munddhari Temple. Today, Hindus and Muslims offer prayers at the temple.

 (2)  Mahida No Paliyo: It is said that to protect a woman’s dignity, it was developed. Man succumbed to serious injuries suffered, while trying to protect women from culprits. Some say that person died while protecting village. Paliyo is placed in the village and one can clearly see injury marks on it.

Ashokbhai Punambhai Patel

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Atulbhai Jashbhai Patel

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Dineshbhai Punjabhai Patel

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Jagdishbhai Gordhanbhai Patel

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