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Introduction: This village is 17 km away from Anand railway station. From Anand railway station or Vadod station, bus service is available to travel. Approx. 20 times this bus facility is available during the day. It is believed that village is formed by Siddhraj Jaysingh. Folk tale is that those who are residing here, their ancestors were called and made settled here by Siddhraj Jaysingh from Adalaj.

Industries: Main industry is of agriculture. Tobacco is also grown along with other grains. There are 14 tobacco factories. 1 family sells leather for their living, 1 construction wood seller, 25 small shops, Hyume pipe factory, Bidi manufacturing factory and an engineering workshop are there.

Religious Places: There are 2 temples of Lalji Maharaj. Big temple of Hanumanji. Ramji temple, Ambaji mata temple, 2 shivalays, 2 free drinking water facilities and 2 patel boarding and 1 of baaraiya’s. Patel boarding facilities are made by the beautiful co-operation of all villagers. There are 2-3 wooden plates that has something written on them but not clearly visible. It is believed to be the names of martyrs’ who saved village from pirates. There is a dargah, mosque, American Methodist church alongside Roman Catholic Church where fair is organized on Diwali. This day is believed the biggest to pray to holy mother merry. Thousands of catholic followers from all over Gujarat gather there to pray to mother merry in that fair. Also there is a freedom military’s church.

Ashokbhai Ravjibhai Patel

ID: 262

94 268 66984

Harshadbhai Ravjibhai Patel

ID: 197


Maheshbhai Ravjibhai Patel

ID: 166

98 982 70385

Ravindrabhai Dahyabhai Patel

ID: 293