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Introduction : This village is located 1 km away from adas road station that comes in the way of Mumbai- Ahmedabd railway line. It is renowned as battle ground of some historical wars. It is located at paghdipate.

Industries: Mainly it is agricultural, Fertile and black soil. Land of 250 acre has been acquired from the ghoda charedi group of land that falls between adas & vadod. And from 1950 society started farming on it. There are 5 tobacco factories, Bidi factories, 15 small shops and 7 wholesale shops are there. Wood cutting industry, potters make daily use utensils and storage vessels too, which are quite famous here. Black smiths make weapons like knife, cobblers tools etc which are also used for intercity sales.

Religious Places: Narayan Mahadev, Luneshwar Mahadev, Ranchhod Temple, Ramji Temple, Bhathiji Temple, 7 holy places of Goddess, swaminarayn temple, public bording on new years, fair is irgabized at Bhatiji Temple as well as at luneshwar Mahadev on janmastmi.

Martyr Memorial: 5 innocent young men joined with independence moment were fired to death by british government near adas road station during 1942 “quit India” moment. As their memorial at that place Anand-kheda district national committee constructed those pillar at the expense of Rs.20,000/-. There every year on 18th August martyr memory day is celebrated.

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