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Introduction: Village is located one kilometer from Ras railway station on Vasad-Kathana railway line. Ras is full of Nationality and it took active part during freedom struggle. Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel had good memories with Ras. Majority of institutions in the village are dedicated to these leaders. Sardar Patel addressed a public gathering beneath a Banyan Tree at Ras. He was arrested in the middle of his speech. Even today, Banyan Tree is known as Sardar Vad.

Industries: Mostly agriculture that includes cash crops and tobacco. There is also hand-made textile units in the village. There are nine shops that are engaged with leather business. Village also has two tobacco processing units and two timber factories. There are 40 small-big shops and two wholesale shops in the village. Others include factory of processing Tuvar Dal and preparing Nicotine Sulphate. It also has two Kerosene sub-depots.

Religious places: Village has Ramji Temple that is spread on 125 vingha land. Temple also has good income sources. Kabirji Mandir, Pranami Temple, Satkeval Temple, Swaminarayan Temple, Devnath Mahadev, Neelkanth Mahadev, Bhathiji Temple and 4 Devsthanam dedicated to Hindu Goddesses.

Alpeshbhai Jashbhai Patel

ID: 333


Ankurbhai Rameshbhai Patel

ID: 404

89 052 92904

Ashokbhai Becharbhai Patel

ID: 64

, 02622-221231

Ashokbhai Parsottambhai Patel

ID: 240

97 144 64640 , 0269-2323980

Ashvinbhai Parsottambhai Patel

ID: 152

94283 92022

Bhavin Maheshbhai Patel

ID: 418


Bhupendrabhai Chimanbhai Patel

ID: 115

94 283 92022

Chetanbhai Ranchhodbhai Patel

ID: 344

95 371 93488

Dharmendra Ramanbhai Patel

ID: 379

98 794 39225

Dhirubhai Kashibhai Patel

ID: 362

9016756754 , 9909783527

Dhrumil Thakorbhai Patel

ID: 463


Dilipbhai Natubhai Patel

ID: 56

98 259 94440

Dineshbhai Bhailalbhai Patel

ID: 186


Dipakbhai Vithhalbhai Patel

ID: 415

98 794 50729

Dishant Dilipbhai Patel

ID: 467


Gaurangbhai Bipinbhai Patel

ID: 325

8866778005 , 2634262134