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Introduction: This village is located 21km away from Anand on state highway between Anand and Tarapur. Earlier it was at 1 km distance on the way to Sojitra. Tired of getting looted by Kaathis, people migrated near Piplav. As it is near Piplav town, its name has been derived from there and so Ishnav, it is a general perception. Actual residents of this village were only 2 brothers.

Industries: Majorly agricultural ripe is tobacco. Some 10 small shops and casted called Vankars (Weavers) make kurtas, towels and cloths on hand twisting machines.

Religious Places: Temples of Swaminarayan for males and females falling under Vadtal are made with the help of joint donation of 2 brothers Lakshmidas & Ishvarbhai. Temples of Phulbai mata & Vehrai Mata, Mahadev Temple and Mahadev’s old shivalay on old route to Sojitra, Ganpati Temple as well as luxurious Hanumanji Temple are there where devotees from Sojitra, Ishnav and peeplav come for prayers. At the out skirts of village, there is a huge house of Patelvadi made by Shri Manibhai and Shri Dahyabhai, sons of Shri Bhailalbhai Shyamaldas Patel. Donation for main roads by concrete is given by Shri Arvindbhai Motibhai Patel. At the centre of huge out skirts, there is a statue of Sardar shri Vallabhbhai.

Ajaybhai Gordhanbhai Patel

ID: 141

75 675 79244 , 2402819

Ankur Dilipbhai Patel

ID: 257

98 983 85666

Arvindbhai Ambalal Patel

ID: 230

98 250 53384