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Introduction: This village is half kilometer from railway station.

Industries: Agriculture is main economical activity of the village. Vegetables, cash crops, cereals and tobacco are main crops cultivated at Pandoli.

Religious Places: With big campus and other facilties, Siddhnath Mahadev Temple is a must to visit. There is one big room beneath temple and idols of different Goddesss. It also has four temples of Goddess and a Swaminarayan Temple.

Mythological beliefs

 (1) Mama Manka Ni Khand: Unidentified person murdered villager Maneklal Kandoi, who was brushing his teeth early in the morning. Later it was said that if somebody had fever and if he kept country tooth brush at the murder site and later brushed his teeth next morning, got cured. Because of this, spot was known as Datiyan Dev. Even today, this place is known Mama Manka Ni Khand. The place is located on backside of Mahadev Temple.