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Introduction: This is popular railway junction on Ahmedabad-Mumbai railway lineand is located on eastern side of the station. It links Mahi River – flowing from North to South, and Vakal Pradesh with Charotar. Bridge on National Highway no.8 is located few meters from Vasad, which is considered as Entry Gate to Charotar. Due to Mahi Sagar river, Vasad has turned into tourism spot and is also a prominent religious place. Every Sunday, thousands of tourists land at Vasad station to take bathe at Mahi river. It is also favorite picnic spot for youths and college students.

Industries: Main economical activity includes agriculture and business. Tobacco forms majority of agriculture activity. Village has four tobacco processing units and also similar number of timber factories. There are 40 small-big shops in the village. Vasad is famous for its Tuvar Dal. Village has 26 factories processing Tuvar Dal. Pulses from Vasad is exported to foreign countries. There is also factory of making cement pipes, synthetic gum and a printing press. It also has Land Preservation and Research Center, developed by Government of India and cottage indutries that comprise of making bamboo products.

Religious places:

(1)  Vaijnath Mahadev: This is ancient Lord Shiva Temple, which is located on eastern side of the village. Five Shiva Lingas’ have been established beneath temple. Devotees throng in large numbers to visit these Shiva Lingas’ during holy month of Shravana. Number of devotees rises to many folds during last Monday of Shravana.

(2) Narayan Mahadev: It was a small temple in early years. Brahmin Panch restored the temple.