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 Introduction: This village is located 8.5 kilometers from Anand and Vadod railway stations. One can reach Navali through bus from Anand. It is believed that village came into existence due to efforts of Narsinhdas Patel. Today population of Patel community is distributed into 10 different parts in the village. It is believed that Narsinhdas has 10 sons and 10 parts were created by them.

Industries: Agriculture is main economical activity of the village. Vegetables, cash crops, cereals and tobacco are main crops cultivated at Navali. Village has seven tobacco processing factories and three wholesale shops dealing in food-grains. Also has factory of preparing Dilute Acid, while factory preparing Nicotine is in final stages. There are 13 poultry farms and 4 cattle sheds in the village. It also has factory of preparing Alumn.

Religious places: Old and new Ramji Temple, Swaminarayan Temple for male-female, Kalika Mata Temple, Vadnath Mahadev Temple, Bhathiji Mata Temple, Ramdev Pir, Masjid, Church and Gurukul Swaminarayan Temple is located in the village. It also has a dharamshala.

Mythological beliefs: Village has single Gosai family. It also has old Maath. It is believed that village had considerable population of Gosais’.

Bhikhabhai Ishvarbhai Patel

ID: 222

94 284 88018