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 Introduction: Manej is located between Dharmaj-Tarapur on National Highway no.8 and is 6 kilometers away from Dharmaj. It is 3 kilometers away from Naar railway station. A well-built road leads village to railway station.

Industries: Agriculture is main economical activity of the village. Vegetables, cash crops, cereals and tobacco are main crops cultivated at Manej.

Religious Places: Village has grand Mahadev Temple. Also has Ambemata Temple, Meldi Mata Temple, Ramji Mandir, Swaminarayan Temple, Ranchhod Temple, Dodkawala Maharaj Guru Gaadi, Laxmi Mata Temple, Ramdev Pir, Bahucharaji Temple, Buddeshwar Mahadev, Hanuman Temple and Baliadev Temple. A grand entry gate welcomes visitors in the village. 500 years old Narmdeshwar Mahadev Temple is located near village pond. Temple was renovated 50 years back.

 Kashivishwanath Temple: A small lane passes few meters ahead from Vasad railway station, which leads to Kashi Vishwanath Mahadev Temple on the banks of river Mahi. Temple has many trees, which makes the place beautiful. Mythology says Hindu saint Galav Muni had developed his ashram at the spot. He created a well at the temple, which currently is in dilapidate condition. To get water in old age, saint created a channel from the temple, which is known as Ganga Ni Sher. This water channel passes through Mahadev Temple and later meets at Mahisagar river. Sea water also meets point where water meets Mahisagar river and so this intersection is known as Triveni Sangam. People gather at Sangam to take bathe. Grand fair is organized during Janmasthami and Chaitri Purnima.